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Photo: Marc Hauser
Marc shot the portrait I'm holding 30 years ago.
The hat I'm wearing is the same one!


About Michael Frommer

After graduating from Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, Frommer moved to Chicago in 1971 having been hired by Foote, Cone & Belding as an Art Director. Poobah Studio was opened in 1972 as a residence and venue to display his art. Throughout the 1970s, Michael worked for large advertising agencies producing creative work for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Virginia Slims, STP, Sears, Johnson's Wax, Kraft and Sunbeam, to name a few.

After a hard day in the ad biz, he would come home to his two loves — his painting and his five cats — often painting until midnight.

In 1977, Frommer and his wife moved to New Zealand where he continued his advertising work by day and painting at night. Following a two year stint in NZ, they traveled around the world, returning to Chicago in 1981. The next 20 years were spent raising two great children and running his own advertising agency.

Now in semi-retirement, Frommer once again is re-opening Poobah studio and concentrating on portraits of pets and people as well as his other "photo-surrealistic" paintings. In addition, Michael has written several books — fiction and non fiction — and is currently writing and illustrating a series of children's books.

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