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About Poobah Studio

Poobah Studio was originally opened by Michael Frommer (along with his 5 cats) in late 1972 at 29 W. Hubbard St. in downtown Chicago. In those wild & crazy '70s days, the studio was a haven for creative types — painters, photographers, writers, sculptures, etc. — to get together and share ideas, make art and, basically, have a good time.

The studio was also the site of many creative gatherings. Every year it held its "Pumpkin Hacking & Gouging Contest" on Halloween where 50 or more would get together and render their pumpkins. The "Back To School" parties could only be attended if you wrote an essay entitled "My Summer Vacation." The worst 5 were read aloud with prizes for the worst essay being always the best. And the studio was also host to several "Let's Eat Lobster 'Till You Pass Out" dinners — featuring 2 lb. tails, mass quantities of libation and dancing 'till dawn.

Frommer used this venue to display and sell his paintings, and did many commissions. He also regularly displayed his work at Chicago's New Town and Gold Coast Art Fairs in the mid-'70s.

The new Poobah Studio is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago — just a stone's throw from some of the best blues bars in the city!

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